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Are you looking to join a mastermind group? Consider working with Jorge Olson, mentor, coach, and entrepreneur. To get started, book a mentoring call with him and see if a mastermind group is right for you.

Jorge specializes in beverage development and beverage consulting, FMCG, merchandising, marketing strategy, and business modeling.

Mastermind Group

Join a Mastermind Group with Jorge Olson

Jorge Olson will again offer mastermind groups in San Diego, California. They will get together once per quarter for a full day, or multiple days, depending on the size of the membership.

To qualify for the group you need to be a current mentoring customer of at least one mentoring call. If you want to get started, book a mentoring call on the home page. During the call, ask Jorge when he’ll start his next group and how you can join.

Mastermind Group Pricing

Jorge’s Business mastermind groups vary in pricing. It depends on the type of mastermind, the size, and the number of people that can join. A mastermind with ten people is more expensive than one for fifty.

Previously, Jorge has charged from $1,000 to $2,500 per month for masterminds with a one-year commitment. He hosts his meetings in San Diego, CA.

Mastermind Group Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Mastermind?

It is a group of entrepreneurs getting together to improve their lives, their business, and the world. We all collaborate, work together, and grow together.

What is coaching and mentoring?

Yes, You can download another special report.

Is this a live, in person mastermind?

Yes, we meet in person for this mastermind. Besides getting information on funding, marketing, development, etc. You get to ask the group questions and you get to ask the mentors questions.

Where is the mastermind located?

The mastermind meetings are in our offices in San Diego, California. When you go for the first time, you’ll get a tour of our warehouses and see our logistic operation. Yes, we do more than masterminds, we have ten other businesses.

How often are the mastermind meetings?

We meet every three months. For a total of four times per year. You can fly to San Diego one day before the mastermind and fly out the next day or the day after the mastermind. The mastermind takes the full day. After the mastermind is over you might want to go out with the other members and have a nice networking dinner.

How many people per mastermind?

It depends on the type of mastermind. A small group caps at ten. A large group caps at fifty. The reason is simple, each member needs attention. With more than ten people you no longer have a mastermind, now you have a coaching group. In a mastermind you get special attention, a coaching group is more like a seminar.

How much does the mastermind cost?

Pricing depends on the level and size of the mastermind. A CMO Fortune mastermind is more expensive than an entrepreneur one. You can join several masterminds. The cost varies for each one. When you fill out the application a project manager will schedule a call to go over the options and mastermind sports we have available right now.

What happens if you don’t have any open spots?

If we don’t have a spot for you in a mastermind, then you’ll get on a waiting list. When we have a new mastermind group or an opening on an existing mastermind group, you’ll get a call. This is why it’s important to fill out your application. The faster you get on a list, the more probable you’ll get in a mastermind group.